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Molecular Markers

Characterisation of mapping parents and identification of genes involved in the yield and grain weight of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) grown under Mediterranean environments
Author: Stewart Coventry1,2, Andrew Barr1, Jason Eglinton1, Glenn McDonald1

Genetic and molecular basis of grain protein variation in malting barleys
Author: Livinus Emebiri1, David Moody1 and Ken Chalmers2

Mapping genes for resistiance to net form of net blotch and stripe rust in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Author: Mehmet Cakir1, Nick Galwey1, David Poulsen2, Greg Platz2, Paul Johnston2, Garry Ablett3, Colin Wellings4 and Hugo Vivar5

A Genomic Region Associated with Aluminium Tolerance in Barley
Author: Harsh Raman1, S. Moroni1, R. Raman1, A. Karakousis2, B. Read1 K. Sato3 and B.J. Scott1

Single nucleotide primer extensions to type SNPs in barley
Author: Maxime Paris1, Reg Lance2 and Michael G.K. Jones1

Recurrent introgression as a population enrichment (RIPE) method in barley
Author: Duane E. Falk

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