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Climate, Disease & Abiotic Stress

Towards understanding the genetic basis of adaptation to low rainfall environments
Author: Jason K. Eglinton1, Michael Baum2, Stefania Grando2, Salvatore Ceccarelli2, Andrew R. Barr1.

Journey of Net Blotch: from Pathotype Diversity to useful Resistance in Barley
Author: Sanjiv Gupta1, Robert Loughman2, G. Platz3, Reg Lance2 and Mike Jones1

Verification of conventional pathotype screening for Australian isolates of Cochliobolus sativus using molecular fingerprinting.
Author: Merrill Fordyce1 and Stuart Meldrum 1,2

Improving the growth and yield of barley on sandy soils of low fertility
Author: Nigel Long1, Stephen Jefferies1, Bob Holloway2 and Andrew Barr1

Deep soil nitrogen testing – a tool for malting barley management
Author: Denise McLellan1, Aimee Johnson2 and Rob Christie3

The onset and effectiveness of Adult Plant Resistance (APR) in Tallon barley
Author: Greg Platz

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