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Barley To Brew: Video

Roslyn J. Jettner

Agriculture Western Australia, 444Albany Highway, Albany WA 6330, Australia


In the highly competitive world market, premium malting barley attracts a higher price and is a more saleable commodity compared with poor quality barley. To enhance the reputation of Australian malting barley internationally, our marketers are emphasising the importance of producing a quality product.

Information is now available to growers on how to produce quality barley sought after by the market, in the 20 minute video: Barley to Brew.

Barley to Brew, provides growers with an understanding of what are the grain characteristics that are critical to end product quality and explains the role of these quality factors in malting and brewing quality and production efficiency. The video also contains interviews with growers and research agronomists discussing the agronomic factors that are important to the success of producing quality malting barley.

There is no paper to accompany this presentation.

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